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Make sure your voice is heard as a person living with arthritis

Did you know that your elected representatives have a mandate to meet with you as their constituent? Every elected official’s office has hours during which they meet with people who live in their riding. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard as someone who lives with arthritis.

Over the coming months, CAPA will be creating and sharing templates of letters for you to personalize and share with your elected official – all related to living with arthritis. We will also provide you with information on arthritis and the burden it creates for people who live with it, our families and caregivers, and the healthcare system. We encourage you to take these tools and use them to ensure your voice is heard by following a few easy steps:

  1. Download the letter and make it your own – our first letter is found hereand is intended for you to send to your newly elected Member of Parliament
  2. Send it to your elected official (by mail or email - you can find your representative’s mailing or email address online)
  3. Make an appointment with your elected official to sit down and talk (or do it via a phone call) about your letter and your concerns
  4. If you want more talking points, check out the information we have provided herefor you as a resource

Anyone can do this, and we want to give you the tools and resources to feel confident about it. CAPA’s Steering Committee members will all do this with their own elected officials and we encourage you to do the same – anyone can be an advocate!

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