Inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis are each estimated to impact roughly one million people in Canada. The onset and diagnosis of these diseases commonly affects people in the prime of their lives and these individuals are often left with a variety of reproductive and sexual health-related concerns, such as contraception, family planning, parenting, and menopause.

To address this gap, CAPA, CAPP, CPN, and CSA co-developed the Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Survey on International Women’s Day 2021. Findings were analyzed in the report, Baring it All: A survey and recommendations on sexual and reproductive health needs of women+ with rheumatic, inflammatory and psoriatic diseases. A poster summarizing the report findings was presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Rheumatology Association on February 2-5, 2022 along with the Benefit Tip sheet for private plan design.


Tips for Private Plans