Join us on Saturday, September 26th at 12 p.m. Eastern Time for a Twitter Chat on#ArthritisThenNow. We’ll be chatting about how arthritis treatment, care, and the experience have changed or stayed the same over the past few decades.

Our Twitter Chat will be presented by @CAPA_Arthritis, with co-hosts @MichaelKuluva and @TheSeatedView (Lene Andersen).

The Twitter Chat participants will answer the following questions:


  • Please introduce yourself – where you live, the kind of arthritis you live with and when you were diagnosed (only what you’re comfortable sharing)
  • Please share any changes in treatment/your life that you have experienced in your time of living with arthritis
  • Have you ever been admitted to the hospital because of your arthritis (e.g. a rheumatology ward)? Please share the experiences you’re comfortable sharing
  • Have you ever had a joint replaced because of your arthritis, worn splints, or use assistive devices?
  • Do you live with fatigue from your arthritis? Has that ever changed and how would you describe fatigue to someone who doesn’t live with arthritis?
  • Do you live with pain from your arthritis? Has that ever changed over the years?
  • What is a hope you have for arthritis treatment, care or experience in the future?