New and Updated COVID-19 Resources!


With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine underway, many people living with rheumatic diseases are asking what this means to them. To help stay informed, we hosted two videos on the COVID-19 vaccine with our Medical Advisory Committee. We also updated our COVID-19 resource page to include information about the COVID-19 vaccine recommendations and provincial vaccine priority lists. Check out these resources and get informed today!

What have we been up to?

Creaky Joints launch into Canada! We have worked with Creaky Joints on Twitter chats, presentations, and educational resources for the arthritis community. This is why we are really excited that Creaky Joints has come to Canada – check out their articles on Board members Michael Kuluva and Linda Wilhelm!

Register for our next webinar! Shared decision making is where patients make decisions with their health care providers that consider values, preferences and the latest research evidence. Join us at our webinar to hear how shared decision making is being made a reality with rheumatologists Drs. Claire Barber and Glen Hazelwood and health researcher and occupational therapist, Dr. Karine Toupin April. Register today to learn more!

CAPA at the Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting! CAPA Board member Therese Lane presented #ArthritisThenNow: reflecting on treatment changes in inflammatory arthritis at the Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting. Check out the poster on our website to learn more!

COVID-END webinar – In case you missed it, you can listen to a webinar on patient engagement in the development of the Canadian Rheumatology Association COVID-19 vaccine recommendations. CAPA Board members, Dawn Richards and Laurie Proulx, spoke with Drs. Glen Hazelwood, Jordi Pardo Pardo and Robby Nieuwlaat about the development of the recommendation – listen to the webinar today!

Get Involved!

Survey on sexual and reproductive health –  We have developed a survey on sexual and reproductive health with other arthritis and psoriasis patient organizations. The goal is to better understand patient needs at different stages of life and that considers different gender identities and sexual orientation. Consider contributing your perspective by completing the survey!

Survey on COVID-19 vaccine access – With COVID-19 vaccination underway, the Canadian Rheumatology Association wants to be informed of any vaccine access issues for people living with rheumatic conditions. If you experience any issues in obtaining vaccine access (e.g. additional paperwork), consider taking this survey!

National Episodic Disabilities Conference –  In March 2021, Realize Canada will host the National Episodic Disabilities and Employment Summit. This event will take place online over 3 days and the goal is to raise awareness of episodic disability and employment. Various tools, research, and projects will be highlighted during the conference that benefit people living with episodic disabilities, and their employers. Learn more by visiting the conference website today!

We still need your arthritis-friendly recipes! We are still collecting arthritis-friendly recipes and will be compiling the recipes into an on-line cookbook. We only ask that the recipes that are easy to make for people living with arthritis who may have reduced hand, elbow or shoulder function – please consider sharing your favourite recipe today!

Stay Informed!

Clinical Trials Ontario conference registration still open! Clinical Trials Ontario  is offering an exciting line-up of speakers including patient partners at their upcoming conference. Registration is free of charge and don’t forget to check out the presentation by CAPA Board member, Laurie Proulx, and Megan Thomas, who is working under the supervision of Dr. Glen Hazelwood – consider registering today!

Podcast: Take a Pain Check – Natasha Trehan and Trish Peters, two young adults from Toronto who live with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), have started a new podcast called Take a Pain Check. Their aim is to create a platform for youth living with arthritis and other chronic illnesses, to raise awareness about support groups and make a meaningful impact on the community. The podcast is available on Spotify and YouTube – subscribe today as episodes are being added each week!

Sjogren’s Society Virtual Patient Conference – The Sjögren’s Society of Canada is excited to be hosting their 14th National Patient Conference virtually in 2021. The conference will educate people and their families about Sjögren’s and to help them manage this complex disease more effectively. Attendees will gain insights into this complicated disease and get the opportunity to ask the experts their questions – learn more about the conference on this website!

Website and social media updates –  We are regularly updating our websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube channel with new information. Don’t forget to follow us on these social media channels to keep up to date on the latest arthritis and advocacy information!