This year begins with CAPA moving to monthly updates versus a quarterly newsletter. We are hopeful that the result will be less emails in your overflowing inboxes. This will allow us to include the opportunities for engagement all at once rather than periodically throughout the month. This decision is a direct result of the increasing requests coming to CAPA for patients to provide their perspectives on what matters to us with respect to our healthcare. This is a good thing, exactly what we envisioned when we began so many years ago.

Our little, virtual patient organization, founded in 2002 has built a reputation for bringing a credible, knowledgeable voice to health policy decision making and for identifying gaps in research priorities that matter to people living with arthritis. In some cases, we are filling those gaps with resources we develop ourselves. They are informed by those most affected: all of us. Our resources on Pregnancy/Parenting, Methotrexate and Workplace are examples of this. They are based on your feedback to our surveys asking for your experiences and have been shared nationally and internationally.

From our work providing the patient perspective for the reimbursement of new drugs to our involvement in the National Pain Taskforce, we volunteer our time and energy to making lives better for those living with this disease. It is not always easy, but change is happening, and we will be there to help guide decisions that impact our lives.

We realize that patients often bear a significant financial burden living with arthritis, it is important to us to provide resources that are accessible to all. Patient organizations are being increasingly scrutinized for funding sources which are few. In an effort to diversify our funding, we have added a “Donate” button on our website home page. We are a registered not for profit organization but do not have charitable status and are unable to issue tax receipts.

We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year! Thank you for your continued support for the work we do. We love to hear from you, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or through our website.

Linda Wilhelm