Going Global @ EULAR Congress

CAPA 2nd Vice-President, Laurie Proulx, attended and presented at this year’s European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Congress in Madrid, Spain. She spoke about CAPA’s pregnancy and parenting with arthritis project including the survey results andeducational resource.  Read the CAPA presentation and learn more about the latest in rheumatology by listening to the presentations on the Congress website!


Spotlight on CAPA President, Linda Wilhelm

If you don’t already know the CAPA President, Linda Wilhelm, you can learn a little more about her in this article on Healthy Debate. She started advocating for arthritis in the late 1990’s where she fought for access to a biologic and increased awareness of the seriousness of the disease and the impact on her and her family. Be inspired by Linda’s actions and speak out about arthritis in September which is Arthritis Month!

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

CAPA members collaborate regularly with researchers investigating a range of topics, including complementary and alternative medicine. A CAPA Board Member contributed to the development of this questionnaire by Dr. Karine Toupin-Avril in order to assist doctors and other health care professionals in openly discussing the use of CAM products. Read more about the questionnaire and project here…

Get Involved!


Get informed about Biosimilars –  A biosimilar biologic drug, or biosimilar, is a drug demonstrated to be highly similar to a biologic drug that was already authorized for sale (known as the reference biologic drug). More biosimilars are entering the Canadian market including Brenzys and Inflectra. Learn all about biosimilars in this CAPA-produced video on biosimilars which is available in English and French.


Arthritis Power –  Creaky Joints, a U.S based arthritis patient group run by and for patients, has developed Arthritis Power, a free arthritis app. Not only will it help you manage your disease but the data will be used by researchers to solve unanswered questions about arthritis. Register now to become involved!

Opioids and Chronic Pain – As many of us know all too well, we have to use opioids to deal with day-to-day arthritis pain. Not only has CAPA become vocal in this debate but many news outlets, including this article from CBC News, are picking up on this issue and reporting it to the public. Speak out about how you use opioids responsibly, whether it be through a letter to the editor, speaking to your Member of Parliament or simply commenting on an article.

MacLean’s Magazine Article on Biosimilars – CAPA President, Linda Wilhelm, discussed our position about biosimilars and what medication switching means for people with inflammatory arthritis. Learn more by reading this article found in the June edition of MacLean’s magazine.

What have we been up to ?
And the Winners are… In the Spring, we ran a membership drive to increase our membership and our reach. The new members were included in a draw for two Visa gift cards worth $50. We are pleased to announce that Alan Whiting and Louise Crane are the winners! Don’t forget to spread the word about CAPA – tell a friend about what we’re all about and the educational resources available on our website. A sign-up form is available on our website.
My Rheumatology Passport – CAPA provided input to the design of a new arthritis app called the My Rheumatology Passport. The free app was developed by AbbVie and they have developed a video to explain how to use it. The app allows people with arthritis to monitor their symptoms of inflammatory arthritis. Download the app on the ITunes and Google Play store today!

Methotrexate (MTX) Survey Results – CAPA launched a survey about the use of Methotrexate, a medication commonly used to treat inflammatory arthritis. We received 340 responses and many coping strategies were reported including taking folic acid and taking MTX before bed or on the weekend. We also learned that 31%of patients reported stopping taking MTX due to side effects and 80% of patents indicated they didn’t speak to their physician or pharmacist about coping with the side effects. CAPA plans on developing a resource on this important topic in order to help patients cope and manage taking MTX.

Stay Informed!

Reaching Out with Arthritis Research (ROAR) – Become an active partner in your care and learn more about the latest in arthritis research by attending the Reaching out with Arthritis Research (ROAR) event on October 21st. Topics to be discussed include: managing lupus, activity trackers and arthritis, and the latest in life expectancy with arthritis research. You can attend in person in Vancouver or participate through a webcast. Don’t delay – register now

FabuLupus – Yes, you’ve read that correctly, learn how to be young and live with lupus. Authored by two young people with Lupus, this book will advise on how to navigate life with this chronic disease. Get your copy of FabuLupus now!

Involving Patients in Developing Decision Aids – Patient involvement in increasingly growing in many areas including the development of decision aids. Learn what approaches are more effective for patient engagement in the development of a decision aid on initiating disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD) therapy. Read the research paper here…

Get @GlA:D with Osteoarthritis  – GLA:D Canada is an education and tailored neuromuscular exercise program for individuals with knee and hip osteoarthritis. Watch the video and learn more about this program that can alleviate your arthritis symptoms!

Resources on Methotrexate, Biosimilars, Pregnancy & Parenting & more! Don’t forget to read our Pregnancy and Parenting resource, resource about pairing Methotrexate and Biologic medications and a video to understand the difference between biologic and biosimilar drugs. Visit the Resources section of our website to get informed!

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