Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEB’s)
What you need to know

We are pleased to announce that CAPA has developed a position paper on the important topic of Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEB’s). You might be wondering what SEB’s are – they are similar, but not identical versions of existing biologic medications. Biologics treat various forms of inflammatory arthritis and are drugs made in living cells that target specific parts of the immune system. Because they are complex molecules, SEBs are not an identical molecule to the originator drug. Unlike generics, where the active ingredient is the same, SEBs have the same mechanism of action (i.e. targets the same biological pathway) as the original biologic, but do not have the exact same active or medicinal ingredient. To learn more, you can register for a web broadcast scheduled for January 19, 2015. Read CAPA’s position on SEB’s in English and French.

Arthritis Patient Charter
In September, CAPA launched theArthritis Patient Charter with support from various partners. The Canadian Medical Association Journal wrote a story about our Charter: Arthritis Charter sets patient duty to engage.  Members of the CAPA Board are quoted in the article. A poster version of the Charter was sent to rheumatologists across Canada. Make sure to look for it at your rheumatologist’s office and share the Charter with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. You can also download it from the link above.


Arthritis Alliance Symposium
As October 2014 was winding down, members of the Canadian Arthritis community, including the entire Board of The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, gathered in Toronto for the 2nd Annual Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC) Conference and Research Symposium. Read areport from CAPA President, Linda Wilhelm, about the action-packed annual conference and research symposium.
Access our Medicines Declaration
People living with arthritis are all too familiar with the difficulties in obtaining access to and paying for affordable medicines. This is why CAPA has signed on to the Declaration from Access our Medicine (AOM). The Declaration highlights how access to affordable medicine is a basic human right for everyone and that it should be a global priority. It is also a goal that everyone needs to work towards including governments, industry and patients. The personal stories of CAPA President, Linda Wilhelm and Board member, Laurie Proulx, are highlighted on the AOM website. Add your voice and sign the Declaration.
It’s Time to Put the Patient at Queen’s Park
CAPA Vice-President, Dawn Richards and Patient Commando founder, Zal Press, tell it like it is in their article on patient involvement in healthcare which was posted on Healthy Debate. Go ahead and comment on the article and share it widely.
What have we been up to? 

First-ever Quebec Arthritis Forum – Quebecers were treated to an informative educational session hosted by The Arthritis Society – Quebec Division. Learn aboutthe first-ever Quebec Arthritis Forum first hand from Board Member, Marie-Eve Veilleux.

CAPA teams up with Medivizor – Medivizor is a new and unique service that CAPA has partnered with so that you – our members, can receive the cutting-edge science updates related to your RA (note that right now they are offering RA information only, but this will change with time). Medivizor sifts through the thousands of research and clinical trials papers and directly brings you those that relate to you. To get the best of the service, you must subscribe (free & private). However, if you want to see the type of information you might get, check out their sample library related to RA.

Best Medicines Coalition Conference – CAPA works with many partners and has been a long standing member of the Best Medicines Coalition. New CAPA Board Member, Don Mohoruk, attended this year’s annual conference in Toronto, ON. Read his report of the conference including some interesting trends in insurance plans.

Science in Motion Workshop – At the end of October 2014, the Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA) brought together all stakeholders, including CAPA President and Vice President, Linda Wilhelm and Dawn Richards for a day long workshop in Toronto. Read their meeting report here.

Wait Time Alliance – The Wait Time Alliance (WTA) is a committee of the Canadian Medical Association that is concerned about Canadians’ delays in getting access to various health care services. The WTA creates acceptable benchmarks for different areas and measures progress towards achieving these each year and it also offers solutions to the wait times problems. This year, CAPA’s Vice President, Dawn Richards, was asked to join the WTA as their first ever patient representative. Dawn works on the WTA to bring a patient perspective to the table.

Picture of the CAPA Board of Directors – back row from left to right: Janet Gunderson, Elaine Wychesruk, Don Mohoruk, Linda Wilhelm, Marie-Eve Veilleux and Kathy Lynn Worthman; front row from left to right: Simone Hughes, Laurie Proulx and Dawn Richards.

New CAPA Board Members – We are pleased to announce that Don Mohoruk and Kathy Lynn Worthman have joined the Board of Directors of the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA). You can learn more about Don and Kathy Lynn on our website. Please join us in welcoming these two wonderful additions to the Board!

CAPA 2015 Strategic Plan – We held our annual board meeting November 1-2, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario and we finalized our 2015 strategic plan. Read through what we have planned in order to better support patients living with arthritis.

Stay Informed!

Mother to Baby – We are collaborating with Mother to Baby, a leading authority and trusted source of information on the safety of medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in order to bring important, evidence-based information to people with arthritis. They have kindly shared a list of resources for people with arthritis including fact sheets on a number of medications, blog posts, and research publications. This list will be updated every three months to ensure the most recent and accurate information is available to you. Take a look at these resources and get informed! 

Opioid Labelling Updates – Health Canada has released an information updateregarding labeling changes to opioid medications. A number of updates will be made to the product monographs including recommendations of a new daily threshold, limiting the quantity prescribed for acute pain and clarifying warnings for special populations such as pregnant women. Labelling updates will be made by January 2019. 

Website, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube – Our website, FacebookpageTwitter account and YouTube channel are updated regularly with new information. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up to date on the latest arthritis and advocacy information!