Arthritis has inspired artwork by fibre artist, Karen D. Miller. She developed “With these hands” to convey the ability – not the disability – of CAPA Board member Laurie Proulx. Read a few words from the artist about what this piece means to her.

“This is a piece that I originally finished in 2015, but  over the years I realized that I wasn’t fully happy with it. It didn’t completely convey the story that I was trying to tell. So I made some changes. The piece was inspired by a close friend who has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was a teenager. These are her hands. She is also a mother of two children the exact same ages as my own. Where others would perceive her “disability” as weakness, in reality there is only strength and perseverance. Through this piece I wanted to capture the motherhood journey of women who face additional challenges.”