CAPA is a proud partner of the Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) campaign and its members worked with the Canadian Rheumatology Association on its CWC efforts. The purpose of CWC is to identify unnecessary tests, treatments or procedures, and to help patients and physicians make smart and effective choices about therapy and care. The CRA created its CWC list of 5 things patients and physicians should question, and CAPA members provided input on the lay language pamphlet about bone density tests – when they should be undertaken and when they are not adding value. The CRA’s list is not prescriptive, but is meant to empower healthcare providers and patients to enter a conversation about care and what is necessary and what is not. The CRA’s Choosing Wisely materials can be found on its website here, more information about Choosing Wisely Canada can be found on its website here, and there are some videos below about CAPA and the CRA’s CWC efforts.