New COVID-19 vaccine recommendation from the Canadian Rheumatology Association


The Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) has developed a formal recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination in people with autoimmune rheumatic disease that focuses on the use of the two currently approved COVID vaccines. Patient partners and CAPA Board members, Dawn Richards and Laurie Proulx, were involved in the guideline panel to provide important context to the discussions. Learn more by reading the recommendation, which is now available on our website. 


What have we been up to?

Canadian Arthritis Research Conference – CAPAA Board members attended and participated in the annual Canadian Arthritis Research Conference and contributed as panel moderators and presenters. You can watch the presentation of Board member, Dawn Richards, as she speaks about the why and how of patient engagement in research. She even used Twitter to bring patient perspectives directly into the presentation!

2021 Strategic Plan – We have much to look forward to in 2021 and you can read all about it in our 2021 strategic plan, which is now available on our website. The strategic plan also outlines what we did to support people with arthritis in 2020. Check it out today on our website!

Vaccine access article for Evidence Alliance – CAPA President, Linda Wilhelm, wrote an article for the Evidence Alliance to reflect on the current COVID-19 climate and vaccine access for people with rheumatic conditions. She writes about the hope of the vaccine, global vaccine recommendations for people with rheumatic conditions, and inconsistent approaches across the provinces. Read her article to learn more!

When Apathy is deadlier than COVID-19 – CAPA Board members, Emily Sirotich and Laurie Proulx, together with Lene Andersen and Catherine Stratton, co-founded Disability Equity in Health, a new advocacy group. They wrote an article in Nature Aging about the apathetic attitudes towards long-term care that affect older people and those with disabilities. Read the article to learn more!

Get Involved!

We still need your arthritis-friendly recipes! We are still collecting arthritis-friendly recipes and will be compiling the recipes into an on-line cookbook. We only ask that the recipes that are easy to make for people living with arthritis who may have reduced hand, elbow or shoulder function – please consider sharing your favourite recipe today! 

Navigating new waters together: patient/citizen engagement in COVID-19 evidence synthesis – Participate in an interactive ‘fireside chat” with patient partners (CAPA Board members Dawn Richards and Laurie Proulx) and researchers who collaborated on a COVID-19 vaccine rapid review and guideline. Learn more about how patient partners and researchers worked side by side to develop the Canadian Rheumatology Association COVID-19 vaccination in people with autoimmune rheumatic disease – visit the McMaster Forum website for the event details! 

Experiencing a drug shortage – let us know! Together with the Canadian Spondylitis Association, we are teaming up to better understand if Canadians living with inflammatory arthritis conditions are experiencing drug shortages. Please complete this short survey to share your lived experiences – we are actively monitoring the situation as many medications used for autoimmune conditions are being tested to treat severe Covid-19. 

Stay Informed!

Disability and Work Conference presentations available! We participated and presented at the Disability and Work Conference and presentations are now accessible by logging into the conference website. Check out the presentation (November 26) by CAPA Board member, Laurie Proulx, and researcher, Arif Jetha, on promoting inclusion in the workplace and in the research process. 

Nutrition and Juvenile Arthritis webinar – Cassie & Friends is holding a webinar on February 27 to review what is understood about nutrition in managing rheumatic diseases, the knowledge and research to date about complementary alternative diets for juvenile arthritis, as well as how to achieve healthy eating for the entire family. Learn more by visiting their website

Pregnancy and Disability study findings – The Disability and Pregnancy Study created a one pager of research findings about the health outcomes of newborns and infants born to women with disabilities. Learn more by reading the summary on our website! 

Website and social media updates – We are regularly updating our websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube channel with new information. Don’t forget to follow us on these social media channels to keep up to date on the latest arthritis and advocacy information!

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