Want a Cuppa CAPA?

It’s Arthritis Awareness Month and we have launched our first ever fundraiser: Coffee for CAPA.

We partnered with Sparkplug coffee to offer a range of specialized coffee blends and chocolate covered coffee beans. Sparkplug will donate 15-20% of the sales to CAPA so we can offer education and advocate for the needs of patients and their families. Check out the CAPA Road Trip (Ethiopian blend), CUPPACAPA decaf, CUPPACAPA medium and dark roasts and CAPACHINO.

Our fundraiser runs for the month of September so don’t delay – get caffeinated and buy some coffee today!


What have we been up to?

New pain videos available! – Listen to CAPA’s President Linda Wilhelm in these three short videos as she shares how she has managed chronic pain over her 35-year journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She shares how she self-manages pain and explored a variety of treatment options, like acupuncture, opioids, and medical cannabis. Check out the short videos and pain tip sheet to learn more! 

Living with Lupus – Watch the short video with Nadine Lalonde, who lives with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, as she describes the impact of lupus on her life. She shares how the condition affected her confidence and self-image, and how it ended her career early.  

Ten days of #Arthritis facts – It’s Arthritis Awareness month and we are sharing ten days of #Arthritis facts on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook – join our efforts and share our messages so others can learn about arthritis, treatments, and the impact on patients and their families. 

Let’s make Rheum for Youth! Together with Take a Pain Check Foundation, we are pleased to launch a survey to better understand theneeds of youth and young adults with rheumatic disease. Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey (only 5-10 minutes) so we can develop educational resources and advocacy plans to meet your needs. 

Get Involved

“Moving more” virtual conversation – Dr. Linda Li at the University of British Columbia is looking to hold a virtual conversation with older people with arthritis about how to live a “healthy 24-hour day”. Learn more about this opportunity by visiting our website!

Disability and Reproductive Health during COVID-19 – Researchers at the University of Toronto are running a study to better understand the reproductive health of women and trans people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more by visiting the study website today!

Want to help rate flare management tools? Dr. Claire Barber at the University of Calgary is looking for adults with rheumatoid arthritis to rate the understandability and actionability of self-management resources using a simple assessment tool. Visit our website to learn more!

Arthritis Society community action grants – Have an idea to help people living with rheumatic disease in Canada? Check out these grant opportunities offered by the Arthritis Society to improve arthritis awareness or address a need in our community. Learn more about the grant opportunity and apply by the September 14th deadline!

Opportunities in Interprofessional Education – The Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education invites patients/clients, families and caregivers to join a Kick-Off Event to learn how their experience can support student learning. You can discover the various opportunities to become involved at the Kick-off event on September 22nd – register for the event today!

Stay Informed

Vaccines and medications – Alberta Rheumatology developed a resource about vaccinations and medications when considering various types of vaccinations, like routine vaccinations (e.g. flu shot), childhood vaccinations (e.g. MMR) and high-risk groups (e.g. travel). Consult your rheumatologist or other physician for personal guidance.

TMJ virtual education session – Cassie & Friends is offering a webinar on September 13 about jaw problems and arthritis, an issue more common in childhood arthritis. Pediatric Rheumatologist, Dr. Marinka Twilt and Pediatric Physiotherapist, Julia Brooks, will discuss signs and symptoms of jaw problems, tests, and tips and tricks for a healthy jaw.

Learn about the Disability Tax Credit and Savings Program – The Plan Institute is offering a series of webinars about the Disability Tax Credit and Registered Disability Savings Plan this Fall. This program has the potential to improve your financial security now and in the future – check out the webinar schedule on the Plan Institute website!

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