Principles and Codes of Conduct

To ensure that the mission and goals of CAPA are not influenced or jeopardized, the following principles and codes of conduct will be applied with the understanding that:

  • CAPA believes it is unique in its structure, providing a broad based voice of Canadians living with or dealing with arthritis. CAPA speaks expertly from the patient and consumer perspective and/or experience.
  • CAPA values are patient centered and focused.
  • CAPA develops positions on health policy, products or services in collaboration with other organizations, consumers, the arthritis academic and research community, health care providers and government free from concern or constraint of any entity or other organizations. CAPA identifies the sources of all materials or documents it presents.
  • CAPA’s top priorities include putting arthritis on the national agenda for Canadian health care.
  • CAPA is proactively engaged in partnerships, collaborations and alliances with government, industry, and others, to achieve its mission and objectives.
  • CAPA will be competing with other groups and organizations for funding and funding resources.
  • CAPA is aware that increased examination by the public of what organizations do for them and how their dollars are spent has increased the need to be accountable, transparent, and respectful of public, donor and stakeholder supporters.
  • CAPA discloses all funding sources for all its activities.


Partnerships and Funding

Relationships with donors take place within the context of the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance Mission, Strategic Priorities and Guiding Principles:

  • CAPA will actively solicit sponsorships from organizations, foundations, government and other groups or individuals for both operating and project purposes. This funding constitutes 100% of CAPA’s funds.
  • CAPA does not endorse any specific products or services. This should not be seen as a barrier to partnership or collaboration.
  • CAPA accepts only unrestricted grants and consulting fees for educational and other activities. CAPA will formally and officially define the parameters of its relationships and partnerships with sponsors and others so as to ensure no undue influence or conditions override CAPA’s mission, objectives, priorities, or operations.
  • CAPA employees or Steering Committee volunteers do not own shares in any company providing support, except as part of group pension or investment plans.
  • CAPA employees or Steering Committee volunteers have no equity interest and do not receive personal “in-kind” support of any kind from any health-related organization other than their salaried position.
  • CAPA will openly disclose all corporate support received on an annual basis, and openly respond to any inquiries about support. The exact amount of support from different groups and organizations is considered confidential and may be disclosed only upon permission of these groups or organizations.
  • CAPA will equitably and objectively acknowledge and/or recognize sponsors and supporters of all CAPA activities.
  • CAPA encourages multi-sponsored events and activities, and all exclusive relationships must be cleared by the CAPA Steering Committee and parties concerned.
  • CAPA encourages agreements between itself and its partners to ensure transparency in all relationships.


For more information about our approach to funding, please view the CAPA Funding Policy.

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