The Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC), a nationwide coalition of more than thirty-five groups including people living with arthritis, health care professionals, researchers, funding agencies, government, voluntary sector agencies and industry partners, recently developed a national framework for inflammatory arthritis (IA) models of care, “A pan-Canadian Approach to Inflammatory Arthritis Model of Care.” This report establishes high quality models of IA care that are evidence informed and reinforced by best practices.

It is estimated that one million Canadians live with inflammatory types of arthritis (IA). The current pattern of health care delivery to those living with IA is in crisis: the economic burden is expected to double within a generation, and the number of rheumatologists in Canada is already insufficient to provide timely care. A pan-Canadian Approach to Inflammatory Arthritis Models of Care has been prepared by the AAC in response to these challenges, to improve the way health care is delivered to patients with IA.

CAPA is a proud member of the Arthritis Alliance of Canada and is working together with the other members of this organization towards better arthritis prevention and care in Canada.

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