Medical cannabis is an important topic for people who live with arthritis and who are looking for ways to relieve their pain. CAPA’s position paper is here, and you may also wish to learn more about this topic using resources provided by the Arthritis Society’s website.

Le cannabis médical est un sujet important pour les personnes vivant avec l’arthrite qui cherchent des moyens de soulager leur douleur. L’énoncé de position de l’ACA est maintenant disponible. Vous pouvez également en savoir plus au sujet du cannabis médical grâce aux informations offertes sur le site Webde la Société de l’arthrite.

CADTH Cannabis Evidence Bundles 


With the increasing use of different forms of cannabis as a medical treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, questions arise about how well cannabis works with these conditions. Many of these questions have been brought to CADTH (the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health), and CADTH has critically appraised and summarized the evidence. Knowing what the evidence says helps to inform decisions on the use of medical cannabis.

For details, please refer to CADTH Evidence Bundles available on their website.