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CAPA Webinar on Vaccines Moved to June 27th, 7 pm ET

Join CAPA's Webinar on Vaccines for People Living with Autoimmune Disease coming soon! Register today!

Living with Chronic Pain: Tips for Patients by Patients

CAPA has developed the tips for chronic pain. The resource presents the experiences of people who completed the survey in 2018 or participated in the Twitter chat using quotes. Read more about this useful resource.

Exploring Self-Advocacy in Juvenile Arthritis Successful IG Chat

On April 3rd, 2022, in celebration of the Juvenile Arthritis month #juvenilearthritis #juvenileidiopathicarthritis the Instagram livestream event was hosted by young advocates living with Juvenile Arthritis Natasha Trehan (Take the Pain Check) and Emily Sirotich (CAPA) with guests Carly Fox and Anna Samson who shared their experience on how young

Exploring Self-Advocacy in Juvenile Arthritis – IG Live Session

Come and join us on April 3rd as we co-host a youth-led Instagram Live about self-advocacy for youth with rheumatic diseases!

“Arthritis and You” Workshop on March 26, 2022

Come join us for an "Arthritis and You" workshop and tell us how we can support you manage your health!

CAPA’s 2022 Strategic Plan

CAPA has released its Strategic Plan 2022 highlighting its achievements in 2021 and plans ahead and priorities set for 2022.

CAPA, the Arthritis Society and Canadian Skin Patient Alliance Submission on Anifrolumab for SLE to CADTH

In preparation for the CADTH submission for a manufacturer’s drug Anifrolumab for the treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), CAPA , the Arthritis Society and Canadian Skin Patient Alliance came up with a survey conducted among people living with SLE about their experiences with this condition and any experiences taking Anifrolumab, and

Take part in the Circa Pain study today!

One fifth of Canadians live with some form of chronic pain and the impact of pain on people varies significantly. Do you live with chronic pain? Take part in the Circa Pain study today!

CAPA newsletters

Newsletter – May 2022

This month CAPA attended and live-tweeted fom the Candian Pain Society’s annual scientific meeting, shared experience with a COVID-19 trial in a Facebook live hosted by Clinical Trials Ontario and has been preparing to present a Baring it all Report at the EULAR Congress. Read more in this issue.

Newsletter – April 2022

This month, CAPA has presented the Youth led Instagram Live event about self-advocacy for youth with rheumatic diseases. provided feedback to the Minister of Health changes to the patented drugs pricing regulations and Health Canada's consultation on biosimilars.

Newsletter – March 2022

This month CAPA has been busy with various activities including preparation to celebrate the Juvenile Arthritis Month engaging the youth with rheumatic disease experience a range of unique issues, like transitioning to adult health care, self-advocacy, and more.

Newsletter – February 2022

This month CAPA attended the CRA virtual Annual Meeting, participated and presented at the Canadian Arthritis Research Conference, met with and interviewed leaders in rheumatology! Read more in this issue.

Newsletter – January 2022

Welcome to 2022! "2022 is feeling a lot like 2021!" said CAPA President Linda Wilhelm. January 2022 had been a busy start of the new year for CAPA team, as we have been engaged in providing patient input to CADTH submission for new lupus drug, preparing for a poster presentation at the CRA annual meeting and many more.

Newsletter – November 2021

This month CAPA has been participated in numerous events in support of the National Pain Awareness Week. Learn what we have done by reading our newsletter!

Newsletter – October 2021

CAPA had been busy with various activities over the month of October including involvement in the release of the Baring It All final report, Fashion Show, compiling information on the 3rd dose vaccine access in provinces and many more.

Newsletter – September 2021

Over the summer, CAPA had participated in the development of a CRA virtual care statement, voiced the patient perspective on proposed drug pricing changes on patients and did an extensive survey on sexual and reproductive health in collaboration with other patient groups. We had planned lots of fun activities for September, the Arthritis Awareness month!

When you live with arthritis,
information is your most important tool.

The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) works with various groups in the arthiritis community to ensure the voice of people living with arthritis is heard and to bring you up-to-date information on issues that affect the arthritis community. We work with healthcare professionals, health organizations, clinicians, industry, health charities, researchers, and various levels of government.

We keep Canadian people living with arthritis and their support groups understand more about their disease and have a voice in managing it.