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Pregnancy and Parenting with Arthritis: A Resource for Patients by Patients

Learn about CAPA's "Pregnancy and Parenting with Arthritis: A Resource for Patients by Patients" resources, co-developed with Mamas Facing Forward, CAPA Medical Advisory and leading health care professionals and researchers in the field of reproductive issues.

Virtual Care Appointment Patient Planner

Use this Virtual care planner and Guide developed by the Save Your Skin Foundation to help patients to optimize their virtual care appointments.

GLA:D Canada Learning Network Sessions

Register for the GLA:D Canada Learning Network sessions for people who would like more information about hip and knee osteoarthritis. Registration is open for 8 consecutive sessions in June, July, August and September, that are 45-min long and are hosted virtually using Zoom.

CAPA is Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day!

May 20th is the International Clinical Trials Day! CAPA Vice-President, Laurie Proulx, spoke at this year’s Clinical Trials Ontario conference about patient preferences in rheumatology clinical trials.

Arthritis Society Online Consumer Panels

The Arthritis Society is inviting individuals who are living with arthritis to participate as volunteer members of their Online Consumer Panels. You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge, experience and feedback to help develop educational resources and activities to improve the quality of life of people impacted by arthritis.

Patients with Autoimmune Conditions and/or on Immune Suppressing Medications Invited to Participate in Short Survey

You are invited to participate in the research study, entitled COVID-19 vaccination in patients with autoimmune disease: A Discrete Choice Experiment. Please answer the survey questions to help us better understand your preferences around having the COVID-19 vaccine.

A Call for Action to #PrioritizePain #PrioriteDouleur in Canada

Canadian Pain Task Force released its final report An Action Plan for Pain in Canada. Add your voice to the call to #PrioritizePain. Read the report and learn how you can make your voices heard on the issue of pain in Canada.

Join Dr. Stephanie Garner for a Session on COVID Vaccine for All RA Patients

Dr. Stephanie Garner will be holding a Zoom session for all rheumatology patients to answer your COVID Vaccine related questions.

CAPA newsletters

Newsletter – January 2022

Welcome to 2022! "2022 is feeling a lot like 2021!" said CAPA President Linda Wilhelm. January 2022 had been a busy start of the new year for CAPA team, as we have been engaged in providing patient input to CADTH submission for new lupus drug, preparing for a poster presentation at the CRA annual meeting and many more.

Newsletter – November 2021

This month CAPA has been participated in numerous events in support of the National Pain Awareness Week. Learn what we have done by reading our newsletter!

Newsletter – October 2021

CAPA had been busy with various activities over the month of October including involvement in the release of the Baring It All final report, Fashion Show, compiling information on the 3rd dose vaccine access in provinces and many more.

Newsletter – September 2021

Over the summer, CAPA had participated in the development of a CRA virtual care statement, voiced the patient perspective on proposed drug pricing changes on patients and did an extensive survey on sexual and reproductive health in collaboration with other patient groups. We had planned lots of fun activities for September, the Arthritis Awareness month!

Newsletter – June 2021

This month, CAPA team has been involved in the development of the video on a biosimilar medication. launching the new parenting resources, speaking at the webinar on an action plan for pain in Canada and many more!

Newsletter – May 2021

This month CAPA team has been busy advocating for the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for people with autoimmune rheumatic conditions, updating and launching our pregnancy resources and being at the forefront of "A call for action to #PrioritizePain" campaign. Learn more by reading our newsletter!

Newsletter – April 2021

In this newsletter edition, we invite you to provide input to the three very important surveys on the sexual and reproductive health in arthritis care, the COVID-19 vaccine access and the COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance. Register and join us for the Shared decision making webinar on April 25th to be hosted by Dr. Claire Barber, Dr. Glen Hazlewood and Dr. Karine Toupin April.

Newsletter – March 2021

This month we continue informing you about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine which is currently underway and what this means to many people living with rheumatic diseases. Read more.

When you live with arthritis,
information is your most important tool.

The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) works with various groups in the arthiritis community to ensure the voice of people living with arthritis is heard and to bring you up-to-date information on issues that affect the arthritis community. We work with healthcare professionals, health organizations, clinicians, industry, health charities, researchers, and various levels of government.

We keep Canadian people living with arthritis and their support groups understand more about their disease and have a voice in managing it.