Exploring and Learning – October 14, 11 am – 1 pm EDT

On Day One, youth and young adults have the opportunity to discover the latest insights and become experts in their own mental health and rheumatic diseases. Dr. Andrea Knight (rheumatologist) will share the latest research and clinical findings about the impact of rheumatic diseases on youth and young adults. Dr. Katie Birnie (psychologist) will share their knowledge and valuable tools about. Patients will have the chance to engage in interactive art-focused exercises that encourage self-expression and identify coping strategies. Register for this event on this page

Sharing and Supporting – October 28, 10 am – 12 pm EDT

During Day Two, both youth and young adults and parents have the opportunity to further explore managing mental health. Social worker Pamela Jarvis will provide insights on options, opportunities and methods to help navigate getting help. After her presentation, there will be an interactive panel where experiences and perspectives will be shared by young adults with lived experience (Navya Juneja, Brookie Zarb), an adult with lived experience (Amanda Swartz) and a parent of a child living with a rare rheumatic disease (Chris Kinchlea). At the end of Day Two, you will participate in a dynamic workshop activity hackathon style where you can meet new people, work together to solve problems related to rheumatic diseases, and receive a virtual swag bag filled with helpful resources, including a digital journal. Register for this event on this page